“Erin brings energy, fun, and efficiency to any scenario. With her help, the launch of our web app attracted 200 people who were engaged and happy throughout the entire process. With impressive ideas and flawless execution, this is a lady you want in your corner!" 
Victoria Alleyne - Executive Director, Career Skills Incubator

“I found your creative approach a source of refreshing inspiration”
Dan Yashinsky - Director, Toronto Storytelling Festival

“The night flies by without any urge to escape into a corner, stare into your smart phone, and pretend to text your friends. (Surely I'm not the only one who normally does that at events.)" 
Sharilyn Johnson - Copywriter, Blogger, Freelance Writer

"Thank you for the good work you are doing. Stories are such an important and positive part of the human experience, that's often suppressed in our "modern" western culture. Your actions are important and I admire them."
Boris Martin - CEO, Engineers Without Borders Canada

"Erin beautifully transformed a handful of engineers and technologists into authentic and powerful storytellers for a National Engineering Month event. Her enthusiasm was contagions and I was able to connect with her effortlessly from the moment we first spoke. Her genuine support was evident during the whole process and she is the reason why I truly enjoyed my first exposure to the world of storytelling! Thank you Erin!"
Shivangna Kaistha - Storyteller, National Engineering Month Storytelling Event