You want to create an event with specific takeaway goals.  Maybe it’s employee retention, maybe you want participants to think of you as THE name in your industry.  But you always want people to remember having fun.  And here’s the secret: EVERYONE GOING TO AN EVENT WANTS TO HAVE FUN.  Even grumpy Glen in accounting (sorry Glen). Getting extroverts to have fun is easy.  But the everyone else?  They are trickier. BUT if you get them? You’re GOLDEN.

Do you need someone to consult on how to make your event the most fun and original it can be? An MC and fun ninja with 10 years of performance experience to keep the night fun and lively and get all your personalities having a great time in the way *they* enjoy most?  The whole shebang? I’ve got you! And I’m waaaay cheaper and less mess than an open bar after Glen gets at it (sorry again, Glen).

I can’t wait to work with you to create THE original event that reflects your organization’s unique culture AND is the source of those inside jokes and fond memories that turn your organization from co-workers to a real team.

Let me help you create the ultimate event AND give you all the credit.  Contact me using the form below or at contacterinrodgers (at)

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