What if you could walk into a room full of your team members and have them all pumping their arms in excitement at the thought of being on team YOU?  Even if you aren’t sure how to get the team excited.  Even if you’re used to them checking their phones instead of getting enthused.

One of the easiest ways to increase employee retention is to make a fun and memorable event.  And unlike an open bar, fun events don’t involve any uncomfortable apologies (and they're much cheaper!)

I’ll help you knock it out of the park.

Working together, we will create the perfect vibe to reflect your organization and add those special touches that make employees feel appreciated and treasured.  The type of event that unites your team into a solid group and prevents your employees from falling prey to talent poachers from other organizations.

I’m Erin and I take my decade of experience in the entertainment world and years in unique event creation to make you the OFFICE HERO.  I’ll have your employees so excited about their place in your organization that they’ll be spreading the gospel of your work everywhere they go. 

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