Consultation - I will help you create a unique and memorable event and then leave it in your capable hands.  Think of me as crashing on your couch for a while and helping out while I’m here

Fun Insurance/Engagement Facilitators - My team is “fun insurance”, making sure attendees are connecting, chatting and having a great time.  We use our years of combined entertainment and event experience to become “fun ninjas” and make sure your event stays exciting and keeps moving.  We take care of all the small soft skills details that leave you looking like a super star.

The Whole Shebang (Consultation AND Facilitation) -  All that and a bag of chips (and they’re the good kettle-cooked kind)  I help you create a unique and memorable event and then bring my team on the day to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.  

Story Star - I will bring my over 10 years of experience as a speaker, writer and storyteller to help you or your team create stories that dazzle. Do you want your keynote to shine, your end of year to inspire or your youtube videos to be the one people love to share? Let me help you use the power of authentic stories to connect with your audience.

Let’s talk about the way I can make you the office hero with my patented party ninja skills! Click here